KNU welcomes mediation offer KNU troops KNU welcomes mediation offer By: ACHARA ASHAYAGACHAT AND ANUCHA CHAROENPO Published: 25/03/2009 at 12:00 AM Newspaper section: News The Karen National Union has welcomed Thailand's offer to mediate a reconciliation with the Burmese government. But KNU vice-preside 房屋買賣nt David Tharckabaw yesterday stressed that success would depend on how sincere the Burmese junta was in restoring democracy. "It has been our policy to find a viable process that leads to justice and peace and durable stability for the Karen people," 買屋網he said in a telephone interview from the Thai-Burmese border. "Therefore, we are open to Thailand's mediation role." On Sunday, Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya told his Burmese counterpart Nyan Win that he was willing to hold talks with the Karen dissident grou 租房子p to persuade it to disarm and join the national reconciliation process in Burma. Nyan Win relayed the message to Burmese Prime Minister Thein Sein. The Burmese premier agreed to the Thai offer during talks with Mr Kasit in the Burmese capital of Naypyidaw on Monday. Prime Minister G2000 Abhisit Vejjajiva yesterday said he was not aware of the plan unveiled by Mr Kasit and was waiting for a briefing from the minister. Mr Abhisit said the government supported attempts by the Burmese government on national reconciliation and the restoration of democracy. He said the position of the 租房子 Association of Southeast Asian Nations was clear: It wanted to see all parties take part in Burmese elections set for next year. The KNU and Shan State Army are still waging an armed struggle for independence. They have rejected the junta's seven-step road map towards reconciliation which includes general ele 膠原蛋白ctions. The 16 other ethnic nationalities, including the Mon and Karenni, have reached a temporary truce with Naypyidaw. Mr Kasit said he would approach Karen leaders himself. Mr Tharckabaw said there had been no official contact from Thai officials, but the mediator role was logical and possible. "The Burmese junta might 節能燈具think they can ask Thailand to convince or pressure us to surrender," he said. "But whatever steps Thailand [takes] will be watched by the international community." The success of the talks, he said, would not depend on Thai pressure but on how much the ruling State Peace and Development Council was willing to compromise in exchange. He said he co 關鍵字排名uld not predict if the talks could be concluded before the elections. "A few rounds of negotiations in Rangoon and border areas starting in 2005 have not led anywhere since the junta conditions are rigid and unrealistic," he said. "If they want to restart [the talks], this time the international situation has changed and the regime has to change accordingly." M 支票貼現r Tharckabaw said there had been no democratic development in Burma. "Even proposals by ethnic groups who were designated to [sit in] the National Convention are rejected," he said. "Now various ethnic people do not trust the regime. The Mon or the Karenni have not written [a truce] agreement, either." seooffer  .
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